Surgery Assistance & Sitter Services

While you could want to be with your loved ones every minute of every day, you may not be able to. This is where surgery assistance and sitter services can help. Our caregivers will monitor your loved one during their time in the hospital, so you can rest easy. Our caregivers are local and are professionally trained. They can provide their services 24 hours a day, so you are sure that your loved one is not alone. We, at Miller Home Care, provide our services in hospitals, assisted living centers, continuing care retirement communities, and nursing homes.

Our services include a caregiver who will watch your loved one, and help them with basic tasks. They can also help you set up home care if your loved one will need more permanent care. Our caregivers provide peace of mind for you because there is always someone with your loved one, and they will notify you of any changes to your loved ones health or treatment.

Surgery Assistance and Sitting Services can help your loved one during their healing period. They can also help with the transition into senior care easier because they can provide you with information and recommendations about your loved one are continuing care.