Going Home Safe Service

Going home safe service is a care service program designed to ensure that elderly people get the necessary support for a successful transition for hospital to home.

According to statistics, only 80% of seniors cleared to go home from the hospital have a success transition, the other 20% are often readmitted. The statistics show that only 1 in every 5 elderly people require skill care soon after they are discharged from hospital. However, this is an issue that can be mitigated using a well-managed going home safe service to ensure a safe and successful transition home. It requires a continued senior care that is in full compliance of the discharge plan, and this greatly reduces the possibilities of the senior being readmitted.

Our going home safe service is based on in-home care and it meet to varied issue of daily living that the senior may not be able to do, such as:

  • Transition Home Care based on a personalized care approach
  • Preparation of the home before getting discharged and during the senior’s stay
  • Conducting routine home safety inspections
  • Handling of light housekeeping duties
  • Changing the beddings and doing the senior’s laundry
  • Going for grocery shopping and managing the senior’s grocery gift card
  • Sorting the food to ensure proper storage and easy access and this also include cleaning out the fridge.

Helping monitor the senior’s medical needs such as setting up the medication based on weekly prescription. The care giver can also help sort the medical supply gift certificates and ensure their safekeeping within the senior’s home.