Disease Management

Miller Home Care is going to assist you in the implementation of a particularly comprehensive and at-home plan for managing a wide range of different chronic conditions and diseases. Our registered nurses, as well as our professionally trained staff, are going to work with your family in order to come up with a perfectly tailored and customized care plan for the one that you love. Based on his or her particular needs, we are capable of providing assistance with exercise management, exercise routines, meal preparation and a lot more.

Throughout the overall care regimen, our company is going to make sure that we conduct an ongoing review of the individualized care plan. This is needed to ensure that the changing needs of the senior person and the changing home conditions are thoroughly met. Our caregivers are capable of providing assistance with a lot of conditions such as:

Alzheimer’s disease
  • Supervision of the client in order to prevent wandering
  • Reminders for medication and toileting needs
  • Incontinence care in order to prevent certain infections and irritations on the skin
  • Preparation of special meals in order to prevent accidents and maintain proper nutrition
  • Transportation to different errands as well as to certain medical appointments
  • Respite for all of the members of the family
  • Assistance when performing calming activities
  • Compliance with the different exercises
  • Assistance when conducting different painful tasks
  • Preparation of meals to avoid weight gain
  • Relieving localized pain by applying ice packs
  • Frequently repositioning in order to reduce stiffness and pain
  • Transportation to and from different facilities for treatments
  • Emotional support and the much needed verbal communication
  • Assistance with different regimen for exercises which is going to reduce anxiety as well as depression
  • Preparation of meals to maintain proper energy levels
  • Management of daily tasks and activities to preserve energy
  • Preparing special meals friendly to the condition
  • Monitoring the overall skin condition in order to prevent breakdowns, ulcers, and other injuries
  • Ensuring the maintenance of proper oral hygiene
Heart disease
  • Transportation, daily activities, meal preparation and assistance in all sorts of tasks
  • Ensuring proper compliance with the requirements for nutrition
  • Compliance with the prescribed activities in terms of exercise
Multiple Sclerosis
  • Assistance with the movement as well as with the conduct of daily activities
  • Transportation to and from different appointments
  • Social assistance to prevent and battle depression
  • Preparation of meal, transportation as well as assistance in regular daily activities
  • Gait supervision as well as support in order to prevent different falls
  • Assistance with exercises which involve weight-bearing in order to increase the density of minerals in the bones
Parkinson’s disease
  • Housekeeping in order to remove obstacles which can be dangerous
  • Assistance with feeding through episodes of tremor
  • Specialized meal preparation when it’s difficult to swallow
  • Gait supervision
  • Social engagement in order to battle depression conditions
  • Assistance with certain activities like transfer to the tub or shower and bathing
  • Preparation of meals, help with daily activities and transportation
  • Assistance with the implementation of the post-stroke treatment plan

In any case, these are particularly important, and we, at Miller Home Care, are going to provide you with the necessary help in order to manage the disease of your senior parents.