Care Management & Evaluation

Making the adjustment to home care for your loved one can seem very overwhelming. However, with the right help along the way, you can make the move seamlessly and ensure that your loved one is comfortable and well-adjusted to the changes. At Miller Home Care, our friendly and knowledgeable care team professional offers a good centralized contact point for all your needs. Whether you want help with hospital admissions or figuring out the best financial plan for home care, our compassionate care professional can cater to all your unique needs.

Our main objective is to ensure that the move to home care is as painless and stress-free as possible. Some of our main services may include the following services:

  • Making sure you attend all doctor appointments and then reporting results.
  • General referral services, including legal, healthcare and financial services.
  • Emotional support and guidance for the whole family.
  • Arrange for medical supplies and home improvement.
Geriatric Home Care Evaluation

There are some people who are not sure about the exact needs of their loved ones. Through this comprehensive initial evaluation, you will get a better evaluation of your current situation and get the best recommendations. Whether it is conducted early on in the process of looking for the most fitting care services or periodically for checking in, this evaluation provides immense insight along with peace of mind that your loved one is safe and healthy.

This evaluation is normally done by a very experienced home care professional with an extensive background in both nursing and social work. It includes a thorough evaluation of the current health and living situation of your elderly loved one, including physical and mental health, daily activities, memory, nutritional status, insurance and finances among many other key factors. After the evaluation is completed, a complete report is then created, including the best home care recommendations.

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