It is not easy for family members to fully grasp the specific needs of a senior family member. Moreover, this can even be harder if the senior is not willing to touch on his or her needs. As such, it may not be easy to determine the best in-home care services to get the senior.

Comprehensive Consultations

We, at Miller Home Care, understand that such is the common state of things and thus have a Senior Helper consultant ready to guide you on the various viable options. The consultations will reveal the various services we offer and you can make a more informed choice that you feel is best for your aging family member and the family as a whole. The consultations will cover several issues, chief among them being:

  • Help you identify your family’s needs and desires
  • Determining the senior’s daily schedule
  • Developing a straightforward implementation process
  • Outlining the cost of the care service and suitable modes of payment
  • Establishing a continuous, strong, and open channel of communication
  • Developing a follow-up plan
Home Health Care

Our line of Home Health Care services is tailored to ensure the elderly person lives independently in the comforts or his or her home. The services will help cover various daily activities around the house all handled by a polite and dedicated staff. With our Home Health Care service, we guarantee:

  • Free consultations at home
  • 24/7 Home Care
  • Dedicated and compassionate staff attendants
Companion Care

We, at Miller Home Care, have an array of Companion Care services tailored to meet different needs and help with accomplishing daily living activities. Each service focuses on companionship and making each an ideal option for seniors who live alone and get occasional visits from their family members. Ensuring a vibrant social interaction is a key element in our line of Companion Care services because such interaction reduces the risk of the elderly person feeling dejected and secluded.

We understand that the demands of work and family can rob you of enough chances to visit your aging loved one as often as would be possible. That is why we have you covered with our Companion Care services. Whether it is doing some bit of housekeeping, running errands, or just having a fun time, we assure that the senior will feel loved and cared for. The Companion Care services cover various activities such as:

  • Engaging the elderly in various social activities and hobbies
  • Offering companionship and having general conversations
  • Help with housekeeping and running various errands such as shopping.
  • Taking the senior to various appointments
Personal Care

Taking care of the elderly is a duty that covers both medical and non-medical care needs. Our Personal Care services focus on the non-medical aspects of home care. The services take an intimate approach to ensure that senior feels comfortable when attended to by our caregivers. Services rendered under Personal Care are broad and diverse, but they revolve around:

  • Medical assistance (reminding the senior to take medications)
  • Meal planning and monitoring the senior’s diet
  • Physical therapy (ensuring the senior gets enough exercise)
  • Helping with personal hygiene
Get in Touch with Us Today

Good senior home care is centered on the establishment of a close bond between the patient and the caregiver. That is our objective; working closely with the elderly (and you) to ensure we meet their needs and expectations. Call Miller Home Care today, and our caregivers will help you find a suitable home care service for your aging family member.