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Long-Term Care

People in need of long-term care and assistance can find lead an easier and comfortable life thanks to the different type of care options available today. The different reasons for needing such care tends to influence the type of care option to choose. In light to that, here are the four main long-term care options:

Assisted Living Facility

This is a type of long-term care that focuses on residential care where the patient is attended to in a residential setting. Assisted living facility offers at-home care and support services for the elderly and immobile individuals.

Home Care

This type of long-term care offers support services delivered at the patient’s home. It focuses on offering assistance to the elderly who cannot meet most of their daily activities such as doing laundry, cleaning the home, and other activities.

Continuing Care Retirement Community

This type of long-term care also is based on residential care where the patient receives in-home care in a retirement home. The patient has independent living though receives assisted care from trained care attendants or nurses.

Nursing Home

It may have similarities to a retirement home, but a nursing home offers slightly advanced long-term care to individuals who have significant deficiencies that make it hard to engage in various daily living activities.

Every type of  care makes the lives of the elderly easier and a bit more comfortable for them. Much of the care often in-home thus allowing seniors to get the attention they need within the comforts of a home setting.