Never Too Late To Start a Healthier Lifestyle

Healthier lifestyle ideas

Along with any prescribed medication and exercise, sometimes a lifestyle makeover is necessary to help seniors retain their mental and physical health.  Here are some ideas for seniors on sustainable, successful aging that have been backed up by plenty of medical research.   The best thing about these ideas is that they are surprisingly simple; walk outside, meet up with friends, go to church, and just be as active as possible.

Anybody, young or old, can successfully redesign the way they live to be healthier.  Most doctors agree that as much as 50 percent of our mental and physical health status is related to lifestyle.  Seniors need to be ready to try something new and be willing to learn.

Appreciate the relationship between what you do, how you feel, and their impact on your well-being. Know that social and productive activities are as important as physical ones for staying healthy. Lifestyle changes are most sustainable when they fit into the fabric of your everyday life — your interests, schedule, and self-concept. Set goals that are challenging but still realistic enough to be achieved.

While over 70 percent of seniors age 65 and older have a chronic condition, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc, don’t let these stop you from making positive changes. You should you be prepared for the potential ways you might have to adapt or improvise your new healthy pursuits based on your current health. Of course, you should consult your physician in advance about any new activities.

Research shows that a mix of productive, social, physical, and spiritual activities as you age can lead to increased vitality, overall health and happiness. Even better, an activity focused lifestyle can ward off  health issues and may be more cost-effective with  fewer negative side effects than prescription drugs.

Don’t let your age or they fact that you’ve “never tried this or never done that” stop you on your path to better health as you age.

Eat healthy, no smoking and limit alcohol use

Engage in social activities or groups like church, volunteer groups or classes

Rekindle old friendships and concentrating on starting new ones

Get regular exercise in line with your doctor’s guidelines

Keep your eye on the overall goal and remind yourself that every little step toward that goal is a step in the right direction


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