Get a Hobby to Help Stay Sharp and Social

Hobby to help stay sharp

Finding a hobby of interest can help keep your mind engaged and provide a creative outlet (which helps mental dexterity too!) In fact, finding a few hobbies is a good idea as interests and abilities may change as we age.  The importance of continually expanding your horizons and learning cannot be dismissed.  Multiple studies show that such activities can help keep people healthy, both mentally and physically.

To get started Make a list of the top 5 hobbies or activities you like to do now.  Now make a list of the top 5 new activities you would like to learn. This is brainstorming — don’t limit yourself, financially or otherwise.

Hobbies can also lead to new friendships with new interest groups or group activities.  When finding a hobby, remember, there may be a craft store, home improvement store, community resources or a senior center that can teach many of these activities. Look to your local library as well as most of them have or can get videos and books on a favorite topic.

If you have physical issues or other challenges perhaps your hobby can be modified. For instance, there are special easy-to-grip garden tools, and even wheelchair accessible elevated gardens for the elderly, window gardens, and more.  With a bit of imagination and exploration, you can find something that will give you hours of pleasure.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Scrapbooking
  • Treasure hunting at local sales or flea markets
  • Painting – on canvas, glass or wood
  • Learning or enhancing computer skills
  • Needlework – such as cross-stitching, embroidery, knitting or crocheting
  • Quilting – start with a small pillow or wallhanging
  • Puzzles – crossword, piece puzzles, quizzes and more
  • Gardening – perhaps a specialty such as roses or exotic plants
  • Writing – your own stories from personal experience or imagination or perhaps try recording your memoirs
  • Card game
  • Getting a pet
  • Learn another language 


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