Credentialing & Training

We, at Miller Home Care, have invested heavily on our workforce, providing us with the assurance that we will be able to deliver the highest level of satisfaction. Our people are our best assets. We have a stringent hiring process to ensure that we accept only those who are qualified for the job. From the interview to background checking, we exert effort in assessing people who will be welcomed in our team. Credentialing & Training is a vital part of our activities.

As part of our commitment towards providing the best senior care services, we also see to it that all of our caregivers have the necessary credentials, and most importantly, the training that is indispensable to do great in their jobs.

It All Starts with Screening

The first part of our recruitment process is the screening of the applicants. We make sure that this conducted as thoroughly as possible to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge and skills that will make them a great addition to our family. We conduct personal interviews and a check of their backgrounds. We also have an assessment of their skills and language proficiency. Health and drug screening, as well as education verification, are also conducted.

We comply with all Legal Requirements

We also take pride in saying that we observe full compliance with existing rules and regulations. With this, we make sure that all of our caregivers have the necessary credentials and licenses to practice their work. This will also provide you with the assurance that they will be able to deliver the highest level of care to the seniors.

Providing an On-Going Training Program

To ensure the competence of our caregivers, we also employ a continuous training program. This will make sure that everyone will be updated with the latest trends in elderly care and will be necessary towards being able to demonstrate excellence in their jobs. We have learning programs that are conducted all throughout the year, geared towards improving in different aspects of elderly care.

With our credentialing and training programs, you can be confident that only the best senior care services will be provided. We, at Miller Home Care, have the best people, allowing us to deliver the best when it comes to caring for the elderly.