Fall Cleaning!

I’m sure you have heard of spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? Fall marks a transition from hot to cold, and with that comes the need to clean. We thought we would make your fall cleaning a bit easier this year by putting together a checklist for you along with a few tips to […]

Easy Festive Fall Decorations

Easy festive fall decorations Autumn is an easy and fun season when it comes to decorations! Classic fall décor is also inexpensive, since many of the supplies you will need are natural and can likely be found right in your own backyard! For instance – if you wanted to make a festive fall wreath to […]

Fall Preparations for Seniors

Fall Preparations for Seniors Cold weather is just as difficult for seniors as hot weather is. Blankets and sweaters can keep your aging loved one from the cold, but making sure their home is warm and at a safe temperature is important too. We all know that heating a house can be expensive, but fortunately […]

Long Distance Relatives

Communicating with long distance relatives Living far away from loved ones can definitely put a damper on keeping in touch. Fortunately, we live in a time where communication is made easy with various advancements in technology. If you live far away from your loved one, or if a senior you care for lives away from […]

Planning a Family Reunion

Family Reunion Planning What’s better than getting your entire family together for a day of food and fun? Not much! But we all know that planning a gathering as big as a family reunion is not an easy feat. Fortunately, there are ways to deter the stress and make the party planning more fun! If […]

Keeping Seniors Active in Family Plans

Keeping seniors active in family plans As the fall season quickly approaches and we head for the indoors, our lives get busier and busier. Back to school activities, sports, work, and the start of holiday planning begin to take over. Though these times are busy, they often include time with family. Unfortunately, as our parents […]

Family Outings for Fall!

Family outings for fall Is it just us, or is fall the best time to spend outdoors? The weather is cool, the leaves are beautiful, and the air is crisp. There’s nothing better! Fall is also the perfect time to get your elderly loved ones to spend time in the great outdoors and enjoy some […]

Grandparent’s day celebration tips

Grandparent’s day celebration tips Miller Home Care would like to wish all the wonderful grandparents in the world a very happy and special Grandparent’s Day! This year Grandparent’s Day falls on Sunday, September 13th! Have you made plans to celebrate yet? If not, don’t worry! We’ve put together a quick list of ideas to show […]

Celebrating Family

Celebrating Family ! This month at Miller Home Care we are celebrating the importance of Family! We know that sometimes our busy lives get in the way of what’s really important, so we are here to help you balance work, activities, and the most important thing of all – your family. Here are some simple […]

Happy Labor Day!

The Miller Home Care family would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day! Did you know that celebrating Labor Day dates all the way back to 1882?  The first celebrations consisted of a street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”. […]


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