Be Prepared For Autumn

Autumn preparations for seniors

Autumn is quickly approaching and with the change of seasons are a few things that every senior should consider when it comes to staying healthy and happy.   By setting aside some autumn “prep time”, you can save time and money!

Avoid the flu by being immunized every year.  Being immunized is the most effective way to avoid what can be a serious and deadly health issue.  Most senior centers, drug stores and area medical centers have vaccination drives leading into the flu season.  Take the time to get vaccinated and save yourself problems from flu related illness!

Be smart about taking antibiotics.  While antibiotics may be handy in fighting off some infections, taking too many antibiotics can eventually lead to an individual becoming resistant to prescription antibiotic. When that happens, it can make it more difficult to treat medical issues.  When you’re ill, ask your medical professional if your sickness needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Change the batteries on security alarms, smoke detector, emergency radios and flashlights.  Batteries should generally be changed every 12 months or so.   Having a seasonal date set aside for updating, testing and changing battery-operated items is a great idea.   Also, make sure that any fire extinguishers you have are properly charged going into the season.

Exposure to cold temperatures may cause significant health issues for seniors.  Check the weather before you head out for the day.  As weather can change suddenly, when possible, make sure you have an extra jacket packed in your bag or vehicle   If you’re going out consider taking a hooded sweatshirt or sweater, even if you don’t think you need it at the moment.   You can drape these items over your shoulders or tie them around your waist until you need them.

Plan ahead for leaves, snow and ice.  Make sure you have the appropriate tools for the coming season and that they are in good working order.   Make sure rakes, shovels and other such materials are sturdy, clean and in good working order BEFORE you find yourself needing them.    Stock up on salt and sand for driveways and sidewalks.   No one wants to be caught with an icy walkway and no safety salt!

Enjoy the season and stay healthy!


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